WordPress Contract Plugin – WP E-Signature Tutorial

Download WordPress Contract Plugin: aprv.me/

Are you currently carrying out legally binding contracts? The WordPress Contract Plugin allows you to build, track and sign contracts through your WordPress site.

Presently, majority of the WordPress contract plugins aren’t legally binding not to talk of being compliant with UETA/ESIGN, neither do they comply with the strict laws and regulations in the document signing world. Your images are saved with your signer’s legal signature together with pdf copies of your signed agreement on the ftp server where your WordPress site is stored. The documents and the hand drawn legal signature of your clients can be accessible by any ftp intruder; which makes you as well as your signer at high risk for identity theft.

ApproveMe’s WordPress Contract Plugin WP E-Signature htttp://www.approveme.me/wp-digital-e-signature is in compliance with the strictest document signing policies and encrypts, stores, and your data is protected in such a way that document manipulation will be almost impossible.

In case any questioning arises on a particular contract in a court room you are going to be rest assured that you and your signer will be protected.

I know that security should be taken seriously. And the truth is that we all have the same concern, and that is we made a decision to develop WP E-Signature. Right now, this is the first UETA/ESIGN compliant document signing WordPress plugin.

Below are some resources that might be helpful for you:
Security of WP E-Signature: aprv.me/1LNx2da
More documentation on the security of the plugin: aprv.me/1SQlDeL
UETA/ESIGN Compliance: aprv.me/1KtlNG1
7 Questions to understand the legal state of E-Signature Binding: aprv.me/1cpW2dU

When WP E-Signature was first released, most of our budget was directed towards security experts, security advisors, attorney fees and so on. This is done to make sure that WP E-Signature is and will continue to be the most trusted and most widely accepted WordPress plugin on the market.

FROM THE VIDEO: This video was created so as to show how you can save your settings and create your first contract through the ApproveMe’s WordPress Contract Plugin. You should be aware that E-Signature platform is used by multiple users, which mean that when you make use of our Unlimited Roles add-on that comes with a business license you are able to have multiple document creator or sender, and each will be able to manage their set of documents that is unique to them and they can decide to share or not share with other WordPress users.
Draw out or type your signature. The signature you draw or type will be used in the future in case you decide to “automatically attach your signature” to a contract or a document you are creating. The most important part of the plugin is the super. They are able to add new document senders, manage updates, and handle the plugin’s global settings. In order for the plugin to be properly secured, you can only have one super admin user.

Be Smart. Never get involved in a contract that is not legally binding.

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*Legal Disclaimer – aprv.me/1JafLgm


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